Brilliant Aviation Blogs A website covering all things aviation. A fantastic layout with equally fantastic content, a must read! Mike is a fellow trainee pilot from the United Kingdom. You can follow his progression over at his new blog! Jake will be blogging about his training, as well as some very exciting aviation adventures. One to watch! Lauren Richardson is hugely talented aerobatics pilot. She has recently bought her own aircraft (a gorgeous Pitts Special S1-S ‘G-BKDR’), enters competitions throughout the UK and now offers flight displays for all sorts of occassions ( Alex is currently building his own full-size flight simulator from scratch! Very clever (and confusing) stuff! The results are sure to be fantastic… Karlene is a hugely inspirational figure. An experienced pilot, type rated on everything from the A330 to the 727, she has recently released her own book ‘Flight For Control’. If you are ever looking for inspiration, her blog is the one to read. 16 year old Swayne is a trainee pilot from the US who, like me, is passionate about sharing the dream. His posts are always interesting, and his flying videos are simply fantastic. Sam has recently completed his Type Rating with Ryanair on the 737, after training with Oxford Aviation Academy. His blog follows his journey from the very first day at OAA back in 2010, right through to the present day. A very useful and interesting resource for anyone looking into what the training itself involves. Nick has recently gained his PPL and is in the process of hour building (in the UK) before starting ATPL theory. You can watch all of his videos over at his YouTube Channel! “An account of a 21-year-old pilot over just short of two years.” This blog follows the ups and downs of pilot training. One to read!

One thought on “Brilliant Aviation Blogs

  1. A great and informative post thanks for sharing. Here at Heli Operations we work closely with the world’s largest helicopter operators, providing crews, equipment, training and support to specialist operations. We wish you and your readers our very best.

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